Pre-Press Tips

What is bleed in print design? The art in this magazine bleeds off the edges. Learn more.

What is Bleed?

Bleed is a printing term that refers to design that goes beyond the edge of the actual page size. This extra printed area is trimmed off after printing and gives us a little wiggle room to account for movement of…
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Designers, proofing is an important part of producing your communications project.

What’s in a proof?

Proofing is an important part of producing your communications project. But there are two very different proofing stages in the process of communications design. Design Process First, there is the design approval. When you work with a designer, you may…
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Keep your colors true when converting CMYK and RGB

Color Management: Keepin’ Your Color

RGB vs. CMYK and the Use of Color Management If you haven’t already made the choice to embrace the digital future, it’s not too late. Many graphics professionals may be stuck in a CMYK color rut, trapped by many years…
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Layers for non-destructive Photoshop editing

Layer Masks for Non-Destructive Photoshopping

Photos are very dynamic. For one, you cannot reproduce the same photograph once taken. And two, even if you have a backup of your original somewhere safe (which you should) it would be nearly impossible to reproduce your work on…
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