Banners, posters and large-format printing

Need to make a statement? Whether it’s a banner, poster, art piece, or display, our large-format prints are a guaranteed way to help you get recognized!

Available for online orders: Banners, Canvas, Custom Displays, Yard Signs, and Posters.

Or get your custom quote today!

  • Choose from Matte or Gloss Poster Paper; Canvas; Vinyl; Vinyl Stickers; Repositionable Adhesive Sticker; and Hardy Scrim Banner
  • Mount, laminate or frame your beautiful print
  • Maximum size is 5’ x 100’

Wide Format FAQs

What is wide-format printing?
At Alaska Litho, a wide- (or large-) format print is anything that cannot fit on either our traditional press or our digital press. That means any print larger than 19”x27” for quantities of 100 or more, or any print larger than 12”x18” for smaller quantities.

How big can you print?
The maximum size we can print is approximately 5’x100’ depending on the material. No one’s taken the challenge to create and order a print that size, but we’re still hoping we get the opportunity to test this one day!

What kind of photo files can you use?
Like all our other print jobs, we prefer PDF files, though we can accept and use jpg, png, and other digital image files if necessary. The most important thing with wide-format prints is not the type of the file, but the quality. An image that doesn’t have a minimum dpi (dots-per-inch) of 120 or more will look pixelated and blurry once enlarged. (For reference, most images taken from the internet are 72 dpi.)

You may also want to read our Pre-Press Tip Preparing Your Large-Format Digital File.

What media do you print on?
We have a variety of materials that you can choose for your wide-format print, including:

  • Matte, Gloss, or High-Gloss Poster Paper – A high-quality, durable paper that’s perfect for indoor use and suitable for framing
  • Canvas – Available in either matte or gloss finishes, this is perfect for art prints and can either be framed or wrapped (though we don’t do the framing or wrapping at Alaska Litho)
  • Vinyl – Weather-resistant with a smooth texture
  • Vinyl Stickers – Weather-proof and permanent, we’ve printed everything from logos for display windows to lettering for boat names
  • Scrim Banner – Hardy and durable, scrim is the best and most cost-effective material for outdoor banners

Can you mount it? Laminate it?
We can mount anything smaller than 38”x94” to foam core, and we can laminate anything that’s paper-based and smaller than 36”x96”.

How long does it take?
This depends on the size and quantity of the project. Our wide-format press is a high-quality art press designed to capture the maximum amount of detail. This means that each inch of printing can take several minutes. Additionally, the ink needs at least 12 hours to cure or harden, otherwise it’s susceptible to scratches. (Once it’s cured, though, it stays put!) This means that, on average, expect your project to take anywhere from 3-10 business days. When you place an order, we’ll be able to better pinpoint a time frame based on the size, quantity, and other projects that may be scheduled for the press.