We’re looking for a better solution


Every week pallets come into Juneau loaded with goods we all need. But what happens to the pallets after that? 

When we ship paper in, we stack our pallets outside for anyone in Juneau to pick up and use. They may turn into fun upcycled furniture, be reused to move things south, or get burned as firewood. Those are all ok uses for the wood, better than going into the landfill, but…

We’re looking for a better solution.

"We can reduce wood waste in Juneau by..." Do you have ideas on how to recover, reuse, or recycle wood pallets?

Did you know that every year 500 million pallets are made in the US and 2 billion are in use? Even with a growing pallet recycling industry in the Lower 48, millions of pallets still end up in landfills.

In Juneau, we don’t have an efficient solution for recovery, repair, recycling, or reuse of pallets.

If you have ideas for a long-term solution to reuse or recycle the pallets that come in every week for Juneau businesses, we want to hear them. Send us a message!

Why does it matter?

Putting organic materials including wood into landfills:

  • Increases methane gas emissions.
  • Takes up valuable space.
  • Wastes useful materials.

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