Color Management: Keepin’ Your Color

RGB vs. CMYK and the Use of Color Management

Keep your colors true when converting CMYK and RGBIf you haven’t already made the choice to embrace the digital future, it’s not too late. Many graphics professionals may be stuck in a CMYK color rut, trapped by many years of experience with these four familiar printing colors. Their rut, a reliance on the conversion of RGB images to CMYK early in their design process, evolved from the days when printing was the primary means of design communication. Today’s communications embrace a multifaceted media experience, not only print but web, video, audio, cellular and more, each with its own specific color requirements.

With the exponential increase in digital imagery, RGB images have become commonplace. The number of possible RGB color combinations far exceed the number of possible CMYK combinations. Images that will be repurposed for a variety of media outlets should not be subjected to a loss of color through an early mode conversion. Instead, relying on color management and the ability of your computer and software to properly display and convert your colors for the proper destination is the currently preferred pathway.

This subject is lengthy, can appear overly nerdy and occasionally may seem overwhelming and sometimes unnecessary. Do not be alarmed…help is out there! Smashing Magazine offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand synopsis of this issue that may exist. Read 10 Pre-Press Tips For Perfect Print Publishing for their great advice. Other good sources can be found at Cambridge in Colour and Dry Creek Photo.

Whether or not you choose to embrace these modern aspects of working with color, Alaska Litho will ensure that your printed colors are both what you expect and as accurate as possible. Don’t hesitate to call us with questions or problems.

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